Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Nonlinear waves in Quark-Gluon plasma mediua    M.Sc.    jamialahmadi, maryam    0000-00-00
2    Effects of distribution of particles in plasmas on the behavior of its solitonic and shock wave solutions            0000-00-00
3    Effects of perturbations on solitons of Kdv equation            0000-00-00
4    Cylindrical and spherical dust acoustic solitary and shock waves            0000-00-00
5    Q-ball solutions in some nonlinear field theories            0000-00-00
6    Breather type and multi soliton solutions in nonlinear field theories            0000-00-00
7    Interaction of double sine-Gordon fields with external potentials and its entanglement properties    Ph.D    Nazifkar, Samira    2010-06-10
8    Theoretical degination of megnetic fields as spectrometers for particle accelators    M.Sc.    sanatgar, samaneh    2011-02-09
9    Secondary particles of Betatrons as a source of new particles and its applications in particle interactions    M.Sc.    ranjbar, shahr banu    2011-02-10
10    Fundamental interactions of low energy electrons with targerts: using relativestic corrections    M.Sc.    ghaani, azam    2011-02-11
11    Interaction of quantum of fundamental forces Due to genetariong new particles in low energies    M.Sc.    goldar, mahsa    2011-02-12
12    The scale dependence of the hadron multiplicity in quark and gluon jets.    M.Sc.    zare, elham    2011-03-01
13    Jaynes-Cummings model in open systems    M.Sc.    Ghoreishi, Seyed Arash    2011-03-06
14    entanglemnet and neutrino oscillations    M.Sc.    Behdani, Javad    2011-03-06
15    Viscouse Quark Gluon Plasma in early universe    M.Sc.    Shahamat Dehsorkh, Narjes    2011-09-14
16    Quantum discord    M.Sc.    KARAMZADEH ESFAHANI, MAJID    2011-11-11
17    four jet rate production and comparison of AMY data with Montecarlo data.    M.Sc.    Najafi, Fatemeh    2011-12-22
18    Electron-acoustic solitary waves in dense quantum electron-ion plasmas    M.Sc.    rahimdad, somayeh    2012-01-21
19    Interaction of scalar field with a black hole    M.Sc.    tabrizi nezhad, seyed ali    2012-02-17
20    Single Top quark production    M.Sc.    azimzadeh devin, mohadeseh    2012-02-21
21    Time evollution of the trace distance between states of open quantum systems.    M.Sc.    arghami, iman    2012-02-28
22    non- Markovian dissipative quantum dynamics    M.Sc.    Yazdi, Nahid    2012-04-19
23    interactions of heavy fermions in a quantum plasma    Ph.D    noorian, zainab    2012-10-22
24    Scattering of soliton solutions from Parity-time-symmetric potentials    Ph.D    Saadatmand, Danial    2013-01-26
25    search for BSM in top quark production and decay    Ph.D    Khatiri Yanehsari, Mortaza    2013-01-28
26    The Study of Non-Markovian Measures in Two-level and Four-level    Ph.D    mandani, somayeh    2013-01-29
27    The Dynamics of Discord and Entanglement in open quantom systems    Ph.D    Jaghouri, Hakimeh    2013-02-02
28    time evollution of the trace distance in open quantum systems    M.Sc.    shemshadi, mohamad javad    2013-04-22
29    Unruh effect and entangled quantum states    M.Sc.    salehi, mahdi    2013-04-22
30    ِDesigning the structure of magnetic coils and its applications for Iranian light source    M.Sc.    Molla Ali Ashrafi, leila    2013-04-22
31    Calculation of the strong coupling constant and the nonperturbative parameter by using the dispersive and the shape function models.    Ph.D    saleh moghaddam, reihaneh    2013-07-07
32    Prediction of QCD models on dependency of the mean transverse momentum on charged particle multiplicity    M.Sc.    ghaffarian edgahi moghada, akram    2013-12-16
33    Hydrosynamics and Field theory in Quantum plasmas    Ph.D    Ghaani, Azam    2013-12-23
34    Dynamics of collective behaviors in quantum plasmas    Ph.D    Rafiei, Azam    2014-01-05
35    Phenomenology of particle behaviours in quark-gluon plasmas    Ph.D    Mehrabi Pari, Sharareh    2014-01-05
36    Solitons in Cosmology    Ph.D    Peyravi, Marziyeh    2014-12-06
37    Casimir effect for acoustic phonons and sublattice quasi-spinors in Graphene    Ph.D    koohsarian, yusef    2015-01-10
38    Study of Photon Structure Function Using the Coupled ‎QED⊗QCD‎ DGLAP Evolution Equations    Ph.D    Mottaghizadeh, Marzieh    2015-01-20
39    Non-gaussian entanglement between a mechanical resonator and cavity field    M.Sc.    mousavi, vajiheh    2015-05-30
40    Investigation of quantum correlations of two-qubit system using quantum steering ellipsoid    Ph.D    nassajpour isfahani, vahid    2015-09-22
41    Instabilities and soliton solutions in electromagnetic plasma    Ph.D    Ghobakhloo, Marzieh    2015-10-21
42    Simulation of random walk using the quantum behaviour of an atom in cavity QED    M.Sc.    mohammadi, mahmoud    2016-03-09
43    Probing the structure of hadrons in DIS processes and Forward physics at HERA and LHC    Ph.D    SHOEIBI MOHSENABADI, SAMIRA    2016-05-17
44    Study the evolution of soliton solutions of nonlinear field models in the presence of external perturbation    Ph.D    Moradi Marjaneh, Aliakbar    2016-05-25
45    Topological and non-topological localized solutions of nonlinear fields    Ph.D    Askari, Alidad    2016-07-05
46    The Gravitational effects on the dynamics of Quark-Gluon Plasmas    Ph.D    Shenavar, Hossein    2016-09-04
47    Investigation of sudden change of quantum correlations of two-qubit systems by using geometric measures    M.Sc.    RAFIEEFAR, FARAHNAZ    2016-10-24
48    Dynamics of Linear Entropy of the Interaction between Four-Level Atoms and a Single-Mode Field with Multiphoton Processes in the Presence of Intensity-Dependent Coupling and Kerr Medium    M.Sc.    Naderzadeh ostad, Ashraf    2017-01-04
49    Evolution of multiatom systems with different cavties: using Schwinger model    M.Sc.    arami, nilofar    2017-04-13
50    Study of Transverse and Longitudinal Instabilities in a Typical Synchrotron Light Source    M.Sc.    Yazdani, Mohammad Sadegh    2017-04-13
51    Nonlinear dynamics of longitudinal and transverse electromagnetic waves in quantum plasma    Ph.D    roozehdar mogaddam, ramin    2017-05-28
52    Quantum game theory    M.Sc.    ashoori, fateme    2017-10-23
53    Propagation of Nonlinear Waves in Non-equilibrium Plasmas    Ph.D    PAKZAD, HAMID REZA    2018-05-30